about us

We are a family who lives in a town a small town called vastra vemmerlov, Trelleborg in the south of Sweden. With the cat Rasmus,the girls Titti, Lemon, Monki and Luna, and Charlie.
Here is a lovely garden and lots of places for walks with a lake and wildlife. I have always had alot of animals and if I didnt have them my self I have taken care of others.

When the time was right we found a house and I could do some of the things i always wanted do to and one of these things were to start a kennel with the lovely Chinese Crested Dog.
The year 2005 I bought my first girl a lovely "Coffie" from Maldinis kennel, Maud Linnerborg gave me an fantastic beginning for my kennel Coffie was and is all and more than I had ever wanted.
My plans is to have a small kennel with high quality of dogs, and ofcourse the dogs live with us in the house and all puppys are born in our bedroom and given the best of opportunities that we can give them. The breeding is carefully planned and the dogs I bring in from over seas hold high quality in health aspects, exterior and mentality and are is specially important for me that they have that little extra to bring to the kennel.
My goal with my breeding is to have healthy individuals of the best of quality all to benefit the breed. Breeding only occure on healthy and qulified dogs. All is done by the Swedish Kennel Klubs rules and regulations and we follow the Swedish Chinese Crested Clubs recomendations.
Under the year 2010 I have completed the Swedish Kennel Clubs Breeding Education. (SKK´s Uppfödarutbildning). And 2013 I did the Swedish Chinese Crested Dog Clubs Dog Breeding education.
(Chinese Crested Dogs Club - Breeding test and course done in 2013)

A puppy from Estillinis is deliverd registerd in the Swedish Kennel Club SKK, vaccinated, veterinary examined, (3 years hidden problem insurance) and dewormed. A puppy package comes with the pup with a blanket, a pamplet with tips and advise how you best take care of your new family member, food and more and of course a life long support.

A big thanks to my wonderful hubby Mathias, who makes my dream possible with these lovely individuals.